So I've been trying to wrap my head around the fact that nearly half the people in this country have chosen to send a pig to the White House. I'm at a loss for words, which will strike the handful of readers here as unusual to say the least.

trump is a pig

original photo from postiveforcedc

Rather than pontificating at length like a gazillion other folks I'll share a playlist that represents a kind of punk rock soundtrack of my emotions in the aftermath of the election results. Maybe some of the songs will resonate for you, maybe they won't, but there you have it.

"One too many votes... Satan won"

Minutemen, Political Nightmare

"What is this world coming to?
Both sides are right, but both sides murder
I give up, why can't they?
I must not think bad thoughts"

X, I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts

"I hear the same ol talk talk talk,
the same old lines"

Black Flag, Nervous Breakdown

"To the the waiting room
I don't want the news
I cannot use it
I don't want the news
I won't live by it
Sitting in the waiting room
Tell me why?
Because they can't get up!"

Fugazi, Waiting Room

"With all the ways of communicating
We can't get in touch with who we're hating
With all this uptight pushing and shoving
Keeps us away from who we're loving"

Hüsker Dü, Turn on the News

"Teach them all your fallacies
Contain them in reality
Suscribe to them all your fears
'Til they become like you"

Naked Raygun, I Don't Know

"I am Emperor Ronald Reagan Donald Trump
Born again with fascist cravings
Still, you make me president"
Making money for President Reagan Trump
And all the friends of President Reagan Trump"

Dead Kennedy's, We've Got a Bigger Problem Now

"Liar for hire do anything,
Liar for hire, use anything"

DOA, Liar For Hire

"Viejos patéticos (Pathetic Old Men)"

Los Violadores

"Lord I'm big I'm heading on
Man-sized got my leather boots on
Got my girl and she's a wow"

PJ Harvey, Man-Sized

"Hey, Kool Thing, come here, sit down
There's something I got to ask you.
I just wanna know,
What are you gonna do for me?
I mean, are you gonna liberate us girls
From male white corporate oppression?"

Sonic Youth, Kool Thing

"I’m not a real woman,
I don’t waggle my hips
Or flapple my eye lids or shapple my lips
And I’m not a lemon,
So please don’t squeeze my pips"

Poison Girls, Real Woman

"It's so beautiful
America - I got my bible,
America - I got my handgun
America - now I'm ready!"

DOA, America the Beautiful

"Looking through the headlines
You’re sheltered from what’s real
There’s a heat in the street
That you can’t feel
Bedlam in the streets of the USA!"

Scream, Bedlam

"I don't know about later
As for now, I know how to avoid the paranoid
Man, I've had it up to here
Gear I wear got 'em going in fear
Rhetoric said and
Read just a bit ago
Not quitting, though"

Public Enemy, Welcome to the Terrordome

"People say we need an immigration stop
Can't you see the writing on the walls
Everybody's waiting for the fascist call
Violence over one's color of skin
No one realizes that there's no one who wins"

BGK, Race Riot

"Let the night roar with us!"

Really Red

"The rats have all gone underground
We'll be back again next time 'round!
We'll be back again next time 'round!"

Subhumans (UK), Rats

"We know that you're scared
Of what you see all around,
We don't fit your dream, your safe reality
But we'll do what we want,
Because we got to be free"

Big Boys, We're Not In It To Lose

"It has been suggested in some quarters,
That these are not enough

The Clash, Know Your Rights